SWAT: The Proposed Special Weapons and Tactics Team.

#Endpolice brutality
The Skepticism

It will be an extreme denial of logic from the Federal government of Nigeria, to think that the subtle rebirth of SARS (Special Anti-Robbery Squad), that is, if it actually died in the form of SWAT (name change), change of appearance (Uniform, possibly), will be enough to deceive the people. One thing that they may be surprising is the Nigerian government, thinking its youths are as oblivious as they were hitherto. As a matter of fact, they are some of the most informed in the world, but conscious enough to steer clear of violence.

What I am saying is; it is as a result of their awareness that they have avoided protests before now. Knowing too well that the government of their country care so little about their human rights. Hence, can be victims of open fire without recourse. The Nigerian government needs to understand that they have pushed the youths to the wall. It will be even more annoying, as in – exceeding the limits of limit assuming they(youths) are still as gullible.

The Request

They asked for an end to SARS, instead of granting their request,  the F.G is attempting a name change. Unfortunately,  even the youths suspected this was going to happen and were ready to push on. I mean SWAT(T) has not even been deployed, but the clamour for its dissolution is already in motion.

Let us face it, SWAT(T) feels already like a regiment and not a civil security arm (as I choose to call the police). It is seriously considered to a push by selfish stakeholders in the government with either regional or national political sentiments. I mean, SPECIAL WEAPONS? Are we at war? We are civilians not guerrillas,  I mean it is as good as allowing the military tough guys meddle with bloody civil matters.

Civilians are not ‘arm carriers’ that require more sophisticated weapons to deal with. Oh! Fine, some will say – what about those who carry weapon around? No doubt, armed security is necessary but the rationale for christening it SWAT is a proof that it was not well thought-out and very likely,  a ‘make-believe’. I hate to say it,  but, could it be that those at the helm of affairs need a level of psychological re-orientation? This is not funny or as simple as it sounds. 


Taking into consideration, the necessity of a heavily armed police department, can simply portray the level of insecurity within the state . Therefore, why not take a deep look into the security issues and ameliorate them. Oo, I see, doing this would mean, increased responsibility of the government. As they would need to improve too many things than they ordinarily would want e.g. educational reforms,  economic/employment reforms, political reform, electoral reform, agricultural reform, tax reforms etc, not just SARS, SWAT or Police reform as they put it. (Remember, economic reforms would cause improvement police wages; just for you ‘pro police reform’).

But, no, they do not want such responsibility and I do not expect you to be surprised. Its disheartening to say the least. Politics, is now a jackpot enterprise, hence almost all sphere of the state is under political siege. Anyway, let me not deviate from the topic. 

A Tactics Team

Then we have TACTICS TEAM? For goodness sake , we are still short of tactics in Sambisa (no disrespect to our armies but they should please wade into this matter and speak to their colleagues in arm) . Maybe they should have asked for advice from the youths . Because I am sure the youths are not stupid to think they do not need security or specialized departments. So, I think it’s time we have a government of the people,  for the people and by the people. The little things matter. A simple adoption of the youths suggestions will go a long way to make them feel as part of the project “New Nigeria”.

I like to opine, that, this suggestion is already late but as they say ‘better late than never’, thus no time for further delay. Many politicians have already realised this and are trying to strike a balance, although, most are no more in government. It is very important to add that Nigeria is already sitting on a keg of gunpowder and may be triggered, if nonchalance and personal aggrandizements by public officials hold sway.

You know, like when you set up a board of executives , it becomes imperative that their in-put are recognized and utilized no matter how small for optimal performance. This is the position Nigeria finds itself at the moment. Make or mare – take heed.

As a youth in Nigeria,  I think this rise by us is long overdue and can of course help drive the change we desire. 

As a Nigerian youth in the United States of America,  the Nigerian government thinks we are fools..  https://olaedobookends.com/endsars/

Another said, you will see, very soon, they will call off the ASUU strike just to reduce the number of youths pushing for this protest. These are the opinion of a few youths, I spoke to or heard from. 

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