Five simple steps to weight loss

Healthy diet includes heavy inclusion of veggies in every meal

You do not have any reason being on this weight loss page if there is no initial feeling to shed some fat or lose weight.

Obesity is a challenge we must deal with, both the affected and the people around them. To consider weight loss options, you must first understand reasons you have blown up. As a follow up, you will then decide the habits to drop off, and new take ups to consider.

Five simple steps to lose weight

Dealing with obesity

Obesity is one of the major troubling health issues around the world today. Although, obesity may be caused by factors beyond a person’s control – when discovered early, certain actions can be taken to curb it.

Some medical experts even refer obesity as a disease. This is because the excessive fat in the body may result to a higher risk of many other health issues such as heart diseases, some cancers, overly high blood pressure, diabetes, stroke, sleep apnea, osteoarthritis, digestive problems and so many other health problems.

For weight loss,

It is medically advised that every individual should take time to engage in physical activities and be cautious of what they eat – to avoid accumulated fat that could ruin the health – and lead to higher risks of suffering many other ailment.

Obesity is a critical health issue. When not given adequate and proper treatment, it might decline the quality of life of the individual suffering from excessive fat. Also, they’d face discrimination regularly for their poor health condition.

We cannot grasp how to lose weight and avoid obesity unless we have fully understood what causes obesity and how it comes to be, grow  – and affect the human health.

You see, there are so many causes of obesity but the major causes scientifically proven and commonly detected are as a result of;

1) Overfeeding or overeating:

According to the World Health Organization, “when there is no balance between excessive eating and energy expenditure, we are most likely to gain weight. Fatty foods and unchecked sugar consumption most likely adds to our body weights than other foods. For this, you must apply caution before you pick those soda bottles in store or stop by for burgers.

Medical research has prescribed that food/diet high in fat results to obesity.

2) Not observing physical activities:

Somewhere on the internet, or in a conversation with a few friends – you must have overheard the extensive benefit of physical workout. Although, many people assume that people who exercise regularly do so to maintain body shape and keep fit. This is no lies, but there’s an often neglected role which physical workout and exercise plays in our lives. They help your body retain the ability to fight threatening diseases – which includes obesity. 

A person who remains reluctant about physical workouts is soon preparing to earn the ‘sack of potatoes‘ derogatory title. Even I, do not want that for you.

3) Underlying disease:

This is equally one of the major causes of obesity in most people. According to a study, diseases such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, insulin resistance, hypothyroidism can lead to obesity.

4) Genetics:

This is one common cause of obesity in individuals. Over the years, it has been discovered that there is an high tendency of getting obese if one or both of your parents is obese. Here is how hormones can contribute to genetic causes of obesity.

5) Some medications can lead to obesity:

There are certain medications that can contribute to weight gain. Such as some antidepressants used for managing depression, anticonvulsant used in controlling and managing seizures – and some medications used for treating diabetes.

Basically, overweight/obesity happens when a person eats more calories than they burn. The body stores the excess energy as fat – hence, to avoid get overweight and risking health calamities – it is medically suggested that you take fewer calories to help maintain your body.

Foods you must avoid

To lose weight, you need to understand that there are certain types of food to avoid or reduce their intake. They include;

Sugar Sweetened drinks


Pork and other processed meat

Starchy foods

Overly processed food (Fast food)

Instead, switch your diet to vegetables, fruits, healthy fats, protein (key on fish) – and always stay hydrated.

You can seek medical advise from a professional dietitian to help you draft out a healthy meal plan that helps you stay in shape.

Five simple steps to weight loss.

Many obese individuals suffer from discrimination, depression and other health issues as a result of excessive fat in their body.

For this, there have been researches on how to lose weight easily. Losing weight isn’t an overnight activity – much more like adding weight. It takes time to actualize its effect,  hence, you need to understand that losing weight might take weeks, months or even years depending on how overweight the patient is.

Here are my 5 recommended tips on how to lose weight naturally which are medically ascertained.

1) Always stay hydrated:

The role of water in your weight loss journey cannot be overemphasized. Drinking water regularly makes your kidney healthier and improves your immune system. Water replaces the sodas and sweetened beverages in your fridge. This way, you trick your body, and your shedding journey begins.

So, stay hydrated and be safe from any kind of disease.

2) Exercise and engage in physical activities:

As we must have seen in televisions, and every other media – engaging in physical workout has helped alot of body burn out fat and lose weight. Although, this might take a while before it begins to show result.

Jogging, waking and cycling are especially some of the many ways to exercise and lose weight easily. It has been tested in the past and had worked.

Register at a gym center and report to your training coach regularly to help you maintain discipline and track your progress over time. You may consider keeping pets like the angelfish. Researchers have discovered that people who walk their dogs get more exercise than non-owners, which can lead to more weight loss over time. You can consider the angelfish if a dog doesn’t sit well with you.

3) Take Green tea:

Green tea is a natural herbal beverage that contains antioxidants.

Study has shown that green tea has many benefits such as increased energy expenditure by 5% and fat burning by almost 18% (especially belly/tummy fat).

4) Get enough Sleep:

Adverse to the popular opinion that sleeping and idleness makes one add up weight – which is slightly true – it is also important to mention that getting enough sleep is one of the medically proven ways to lose weight and prevent future possibilities of obesity.  Read more about how sleep helps you lose weight here.

5) Eat vegetables and fruits:

Vegetables and fruits are healthy edibles that can extremely contribute to your healthiness. Vegetable and fruits nourishes the body with adequate nutrients and vitamins.

Aside that they are rich in nutrients – it also contains water and fiber. Even, a study has shown that people who eat more vegetables and fruits weigh less and healthier.

The wrap

Weight loss is a gradual limping process – that demands strict discipline, consistency and intentional mindset to be able to achieve it.

Obesity comes with a lot of allied health issues. Hence, it is advisable that, you, as a person concerned about their health, should make sure to regularly check your weight, engage in physical activities and be cautious of anything you eat.

Overall, always feed on relevant information that would make you conscious about your health and how to stay healthy.

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