Benedicta Dumaka​

Benedicta Dumaka is a writer and author who always finds herself lost in a story. She is either reading, watching or writing one.

Offor Obiageli Blessing

Offor Obiageli Blessing is an actress and a short stories writer. She loves fashion and classy lifestyle.

J. Olayinka Olarinoye

J. Olayinka Olarinoye

J. Olayinka Olarinoye (aka Epiphany) is a poet, freelance writer, a budding editor and Academic writer.

Ukpabi Chibuike Kingsley

Ukpabi Chibuike Kingsley (aka Prince Shaka) is a screenplay writer with unquestionable vibe. He is also a diplomat amd cinematographer.

Ogumanam Favour Chidera

Ogumanam Favour Chidera is screenplay and article writer. He's also a diplomat and critical thinker.

Ogunlade Victoria

Ogunlade Victoria is creative writer and fiction analysit. She is also a legal pundit by profession.

Eze Ogechi

Eze Ogechi is a creative writer of all forms of fiction writing.

Ijeoma Anastasia Ntada

Ijeoma Anastasia Ntada is a creative writer and poet. She is an afro enthusiast who enjoys reading and writing all forms of art. She is noble photographer

James Ifeanyichukwu Kalu

James Ifeanyichukwu Kalu (aka Soros_Abiah) is a strategist and historian by training. He is an academic writer and editor.

Tochukwu Daniella Adindu

Tochukwu Daniella Adindu is a story idea generator and a short story writer.

Jennifer Ogochukwu

Jennifer Ogochukwu Obasi. A mathematics Educationist and creative writer.

Ezeala Wisdom Ikechukwu

Ezeala Wisdom Ikechukwu is a creative writer and a plot generator. He loves engaging in rational thought and critical reasoning.

Queen Wada

Queen Wada is a writer and author with a unique writing style that gets readers tingled.

Whyte Queen

Whyte Queen

Whyte Queen is a poet and writer, whose inborn love for diction was born out of grief. She intends to change the world, one line at a time, through her works.

Irene Chy Omile

Irene Chy Omile is the Co-Founder of Ọlaedobookends. A young energetic lady who is most interested in building the world around her through the art of storytelling

Okeke Chinwe Adline

Okeke Chinwe Adline

Okeke Chinwe Adline is a diplomat and an entrepreneur. A liberal hearted lady who gives passionately. Her skills function in scriptwriting and short stories.

Acho-Osueke Pearl Chidera

Acho-Osueke Pearl Chidera

Acho-Osueke Pearl Chidera (aka Unbiased Pearl D fixer) is a poet and writer who is passionate about playing with words either in written or spoken forms. Learning and re-learning are what fascinates her the most. She likes associating with like minds larger.

Ugwu Abel Tobechukwu

Ugwu Abel Tobechukwu

Ugwu Abel Tobechukwu is a strategist and Fiction writer. He's also a poet who takes pleasure in using few words to convey heavy information.

Emmanuel Martins

Emmanuel Martins

Emmanuel Martins is a poet, freelance writer, and critic. He is critical and a deep questionnaire about social norms.

Miss Ngozichukwu Okwuwuzo

Miss Ngozichukwu Okwuwuzo

Inspired by the One who inspires Life


Adebimpe Owoseni

Adebimpe Owoseni is a Nigerian by nationality. She bagged a Banchelors Degree and Masters in view in Communications and Language Arts.She discovered her talent for writing at age 12, and since then, and she hasn't stopped writing ever since.