Burning the Virus -A Short story about infidelity

infidelity is a choice

On infidelity

Burning the virus

“Infidelity is a choice.” Nkiru resounded closely to the ears of a lanky man. His unkempt hair was quite glaring, with upturned dark lips and a bulge in the groin. The man readjusted this wrapper from the front and shifted the bulge to his side. He took some time to think of a response for his impatient wife. She was readily panting, he could see the outline of her protruding nipples, throbbing up and down through her white polo.

“NK baby, I just met her once.”

This statement incited an outburst. Nkiru immediately shifted her gaze to this man she was unfortunately entwined in marriage to. She has this stylish way of bouncing at every step, careful to move her full breasts alongside. How dare him use endearing names at that time? Often times, Danny couldn’t explain the reason he cheats on her young pretty wife, Nkiru. She had everything. Such wide hips that never remains concealed in flay wears, and round soft bums that resembled stacked balls in a sack, her face was equally attractive with thin alluring lips. He had met her as a virgin.

The whole street talked about Nkiru when she earlier returned from Lagos. Mr. Ahara’s last daughter that had been away from home since she was five. The people that knew her back then only expressed shock that she appeared totally different from her sisters. In contrast to the fat curved legs of Nkiru, her sisters had long thin legs with very minimal fat deposit in striking areas. At the time Danny heard about this city girl of Mr. Ahara, he took no chances in following it all to the root of it. Eventually, he lured her into marriage, swayed her with an exceptional honeymoon and crowned it with amazing bed moments. Afterwards, he picked his old traits from where he’d dropped them right before his wedding.

“You should be ashamed. You claim to have met her once, but you contracted the virus. Why do you have the virus?” Nkiru had gotten bitter now.

She was no longer vibrating. Of what use was her sensualizing moves if her husband was only a public toilet for every woman. She felt an urgent need to cover herself better. A yellow ankara hanged just at the waist level, she held it and spread it open and above, till it reached high enough to wrap around her breasts. Danny expressed a jerk of surprise. However, he recollected himself and maintained an unfettered look, as if HIV wasn’t a thing.

“We would visit the health center to collect injections. I heard they give free medicine to HIV persons.” He replied in Igbo.

Such audacity. Nkiru was stupefied. How could he decide to jeopardize her health in a lifetime, with a round of sex with that yellow woman? Mama Chibu had seen him several times with the same yellow woman and Nkiru couldn’t agree less.

And nah only one round we do.” He used his hands to demonstrate so, while giving her a steady look.

Nkiru directed her gaze at him. Such fierce display, twitching her lips in both anger and surprise. This man here never cared about her. It was all evident to her then. It seemed Danny realized right then how foolish he had sounded. Nkiru was fast to show that as well.

Forgive me bikonu.” He drew closer to hold her hands.

“Don’t even..” She cringed backwards and raised her left hand above his head, in an attempt to hit if he got closer. “You were busy following the albino woman, how could you not think of repercussions?”

“I did. NK, it was the devil.”

She gave him another fierce stare, squinting her bulgy eyes in extreme hurt. How insensitive for an infidel, to carry out an unholy act and instead of owning it to assure her little empathy, he totally avoided it and rather pushed it on to the devil. After all, it wasn’t recorded that the biblical Eve got laid by the devil.

Soon, this feeling lingered within seconds to hate, and then an unexplainable bitterness. One that has compiled over the years, while recounting her life of terror, one shrunken in marriage, her sad long years of recorded infidelity with this man; and till the present predicament. The constant flee from obvious wrongs and myriads of blackmail. All these had then bottled up to intense fury, and nothing could stop this woman here from panting heavily with tight fists.

She rushed into the kitchen store, scurrying through the little darkness, with a heart heaved with extreme pain. Where could this substance be? She queried. A further push into and between several empty containers, she found it. A bottle half filled with fluid. She grabbed it right out; then ran quickly to the exterior, where she’d left the husband of her terror. Upon jamming him face to face, a rough collision happened between the two, which sent the bottle flying up and finally crushing to the ground.

That liquid in it, exposed to the floor. Next, they both started to yell. The spill burned their feet, it was hot and itchy and they cried in pains together. It was evident that the fluid was corrosive and their both feet were eroded in first degree burns. NK felt sorry, but never for Danny. The acid hurt her feet, but she was even more relieved that Danny burned too.

Again, infidelity got the virus, but acid burned.

But not enough to wipe infidelity from the earth.

The end

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